Originally Published April 13, 2013



What a week.  For the past several months at Dogs in the Park we have been working behind the scenes to develop a program that will serve our community.  John and I have strong feelings about being a part of a community and one of the things that we hold very close to our hearts is contributing to the community.  It is even better when we can contribute to the community in a way that also makes us happy!  What we came up with was a comprehensive puppy program that is free to members of the Guelph and surrounding area dog community.


Maple came to Puppy Class.  Now your puppy can come out too!


In our EVERY PUPPY DESERVES PUPPY CLASS, John ,The Puppy Guy will guide you through our three information packed weeks of puppy class FOR FREE.  Week one is all about the first weeks at home and can be taken the week before you get your puppy. We will teach you all about what you need to get, what you can expect, and how to bring home your latest best friend.  It looks like we will be also getting some coupons and samples from some local business’ to help you get started.  In weeks two and three, we will help you to learn how to get your puppy to toilet on cue, to accept veterinary handling, to leave anything that is not his and much, much more!


We know that our dog parks are a great resource for meeting other dogs and puppies, but they are not suited to puppies under 14 weeks.  For this reason, we are going to start offering a free Puppy Play Group for any puppy under 14 weeks.  We sanitize the puppy room before each play group so that your puppy can meet puppies his own age in a safe controlled environment.  You will learn to recognize safe and dangerous puppy play, and what to do if your puppy encounters dangerous situations out in the world.  You get to be your puppy’s hero!  We also teach you how to teach your puppy that people are safe even if they sometimes look funny or different.

We hope that by providing this FREE service, we will be able to decrease the number of dogs who are surrendered to shelters.  Dogs who go to a puppy class and have great play skills are less likely to run into behaviour problems later on.  This is our contribution to preventing dogs from ending up in the shelter.  It is that simple.  As professional dog trainers, we feel that puppy class is so important that we take time off teaching to take our own puppies to puppy class.  It makes a big difference, because puppy class isn’t just about how to teach a puppy to sit or leave a toy or a treat when we don’t want them to touch it.  It is about taking the first steps in a lifelong relationship and establishing good solid manners in group settings.  We want you and your puppy to have the happily ever after that we have with our own dogs, and we can show you how we do it.  Free.

We know this is going to change the landscape for dog training locally, and we are looking forward to meeting everyone and their new canine family members.  If you are in the area, please let us know and you are welcome to come and visit!





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